restoration & conservation genomics

We use the latest scientific innovations to answer questions fundamental to the conservation and restoration of plant species. At the core of this research is understanding how plants respond and adapt to climate change. We can then use this information to directly inform practitioners with the best approaches for restoring and maintaining healthy ecosystems which are resilient to global change.  

We are currently working in partnership with some of the leading restoration groups and bodies in Australia on a wide range of projects. If you have a project you’d like to collaborate on, we’d love to hear from you.

Where should I source my seed from?

This is a central question to restoration practitioners. To successfully do this, we need to ensure that the plants that we are putting in the ground are going to be resilient to the global changes to come. Here at FORE, we’ve embraced a genomics toolkit to provide rapid answers to practitioners as to the population structure, genetic diversity, inbreeding and adaptation potential of plant species. By combining this information with our strong background in plant physiology and ecology, we can develop specific guidelines for key restoration species. 

Restoration and Conservation Genomics